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Thanksgiving Message!

A special Thanksgiving message from us to our amazing fans! Have a great day! youtu.be/jVVTldiuqos

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“Connect” Live at Loudwire

We recently performed an acoustic version of Connect for Loudwire!  Watch here: http://loudwire.com/sick-puppies-connect-acoustic-exclusive-video/

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A Day In The Life: Shim

Sometimes being the lead singer of a band can really go to Shim’s head.  Check out episode 3 of “A Day In The Life” here:http://youtu.be/abzGmeIqpgM

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“Gunfight” lyric video

Click here to watch the official “Gunfight” lyric video!

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“Connect” lyric video

Click here to watch the official “Connect” lyric video!

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A Day In The Life: Mark

Mark gets recognized in public all the time…but sometimes people think he is someone else.  Watch episode 2 of “A Day In The Life” here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2bqhjIZ18E

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BATTLE ROYALE: Gunfight vs. Connect

Help us choose our next single off of ‘Connect.’  It’s between “Gunfight” and “Connect”!  Which is your favorite?  Make sure you’re following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube for chances to vote. CURRENT VOTES: WINNER: “GUNFIGHT…

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A Day In The Life: EMMA

Ever wonder what it’s like to be Emma? Check out episode 1 of “A Day In The Life” here: youtu.be/C10HR4zF_Ek

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Behind The Scenes for ‘Connect’ Photoshoot

Go BEHIND THE SCENES with us on the set of our photoshoot for ‘Connect.’ Watch here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75qT3P2Rd-8

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Promote with Jamplify!

We started a Jamplify to promote ‘The Connect Tour’ this fall! You can win some awesome rewards, including a pair of tickets and meet-and-greet at your local tour date for spreading the word about the show! Get involved at  Read full article September 7, 2013 at 6:16 pm

Acoustic Performance with Loudwire

Check out our EXCLUSIVE acoustic performance of “There’s No Going Back” with Loudwire!  Watch here: http://loudwire.com/sick-puppies-street-musician-version-theres-no-going-back-exclusive-video/

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Shim’s Interview with CrypticRock.com

Ever wonder what Shim’s favorite horror movies are? Or what inspired the new album ‘Connect’? Check out the interview with CrypticRock.com here: http://crypticrock.com/interview-shim-moore-of-sick-puppies/

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Loudwire’s Best of Summer 2013 Poll

ATTN ALL SICK PUPPIES FANS! Vote for “There’s No Going Back” for Best Rock Song and ‘Connect’ for Best Rock Album on Loudwire’s Best of Summer 2013 poll! Click here to cast vote: http://loudwire.com/best-of-summer-2013/

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15 Signs You’re A Die Hard Sick Puppies Fan

Sure, you’ve heard all of the Sick Puppies albums from ‘Dressed Up As Life’ to ‘Connect,’ but here are 15 signs you could have a serious Sick Puppies obsession.  The only known treatment is more Sick Puppies.   1. When a…

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Sick Puppies Discuss Elevation of Sound

Check out our interview with Noisecreep as we discuss the “elevation of sound” on ‘Connect’!  Watch by clicking here.

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Favorite Songs off of Connect

Head over to Loudwire to see what our FAVORITE songs off of ‘Connect’ are!  What are your favorites?

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WATCH: Behind the Scenes as we talk about “Run”

Go behind the scenes with us as we talk about the inspiration behind the song “Run” off of our new album ‘Connect’.  Click here to watch the video.   Get your copy of ‘Connect’ by clicking here.

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Win an autographed guitar from Walmart Risers!

Walmart Risers is giving away a special autographed guitar from our Soundcheck show at the El Rey theater!  You can enter to win the guitar by clicking here. Watch the show here.

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Shim is one of Guitar World’s Hottest Male Guitarists!

How this for a compliment?  Shim was just named one of Guitar World’s Hottest Male Guitarists!  Find out why and check the full list by clicking here.

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On The Record with Rhapsody

We sat down and went On The Record with Rhapsody to talk about our favorite Green Day album!  Watch the interview by clicking here.

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‘Connect’ Out Today – In Stores Everywhere!

Today’s the day! Our brand new album, ‘Connect’ is now available. Get ‘Connect’ via iTunes, Amazon or as an 18-track exclusive from Best Buy right now.  

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SiriusXM Octane Acoustic Performance/Interview Schedule

Tune into SiriusXM Octane this week to hear an exclusive Sick Puppies acoustic session and interview to celebrate the release of ‘Connect’‬! Airing times: July 16th – Tuesday – 3PM EST/12PM PST July 18th – Thursday – 9AM EST/6AM PST July 20th – Saturday -…

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Best Buy In-Store Album Signings/Performances

Join us and celebrate the release of ‘Connect’ with live in-store performances and album signings at Best Buys around the country!  See dates and information below: July 16th – Omaha, NB – http://smarturl.it/SPbestbuyO July 17th – Fairview Heights, IL –  Read full article at 7:43 pm

Preview “Gunfight” off of ‘Connect’

Check out a preview of the song “Gunfight” off of our new album ‘Connect’ by clicking here!  Pre-order the album here: http://smarturl.it/SPconnect    

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Sick Puppies CONNECT Through Conflict [Noisecreep Exclusive]

If you think bands just hop into the studio and everything magically comes together without a hint of trouble, we have a bridge we’d like to sell you.

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FREE Walmart Risers Concert in L.A. Next Week- RSVP Now!

World Crew! Don’t miss our FREE Walmart Risers concert in Los Angeles on Tuesday, July 2nd where we’ll be playing songs from ‘Connect!’ RSVP at: http://www.sickpuppiesconcert.com/

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Newbury Comics Pre-Order CONNECT [Signed CD Booklet]

Sick Puppies have joined with Newbury Comics for a sweet CONNECT pre-order deal.

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Sick Puppies are gearing up to release their new album, ‘Connect,’ on July 16, and they’re already heating up radio with their new single ‘There’s No Going Back.’  

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Sick Puppies Exclusive Video Interview With Revolver

Want to know who Shim, Emma, and Mark want to Connect with?  Which fans do they Connect with the most? Check out this great video for Revolver to find out.

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Guitar World Connecting With Emma

Here’s a great article where Guitar Girl’d connects with Emma Anzai.

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Acoustic performance at 101.1 WJRR in Orlando

Check out the first live and acoustic performance of There’s No Going Back plus several others here.  

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Vote For There’s No Going Back In Loudwire’s Cage Match

“There’s No Going Back” is in the Loudwire Cage Match. Vote often to help us win this fight! Voting ends June 10th.

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There’s No Going Back Video Released Today

Check out the video for There’s No Going Back on VEVO now.

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There’s No Going Back Is First Single Off Of Connect

Why was There’s No Going Back chosen as the first single off the new album, Connect? Find out from Emma, Shim & Mark here.

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Pre-order ‘Connect’ Now on iTunes

‘Connect’ will be available July 16th! Click here to listen and pre-order on iTunes now.

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Connect Track List Revealed

Here is the track list for the new album Connect. Preorder Connect on May 20th!

1. Die To Save You 2. There’s No Going Back 3. Walking Away 4. Gunfight 5. Poison 6. Where Did The Time Go 7. Telling Lies 8. Connect 9. Run 10. The…

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Sneak Peek of New Single

The sneak peek of the new single There’s No Going Back!

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